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      IQF Cooked Soybean(Korea Market)

      Update: 2016/5/27??????View:
      • Brand: ???
      • Type: ???
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      Soybeans/Soya beans/Edamame

      Soybeans in pods

      IQF edamame/IQF edamame soy beans/IQF green soya beans

      IQF soy beans/IQF soya beans/IQF Shelled edamame/IQF green soy beans

      Frozen edamame/Frozen soy beans/Frozen soya beans/Frozen green soya beans

      IQF cooked soybeans/Frozen cooked soybeans/IQF boiled soybeans/Frozen boiled soybeans

      IQF Shelled edamame soy beans/IQF peeled edamame soy beans/IQF edmame kernels

      Glazing:10%,15%,20%,35% glazing.


      Origin:Fujian, Zhejiang, Shandong

      Season:Spring Crop: From May. To Jul. Autumn Crop: From Sep. To Oct


      Exported countries:Only Korea Market

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