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      IQF Broccoli Stalks & florets

      Update: 2017/3/31??????View:
      • Brand: ???
      • Type: ???
      • Order Online

      Broccoli/Broccoli florets/Broccoli flowers

      IQF broccoli/IQF broccoliflorets/IQFBroccoli flowers

      BQF broccoli/BQF broccoliflorets/BQFBroccoli flowers

      Frozen broccoli/Frozen broccoli florets/Frozen Broccoli flowers

      1.IQF broccoli florets head diam: 10-20mm,15-30,20-40,40-60,30-50,40-70mm stalk length:about 10mm 

      1)natural (head) florets:min.90% 2)natural (head) florets:20%,60%,80%(as per the clients)

      2.BQF broccoli spears head:natural size,20-70mm stalk:diam:10-30/20-40mm, length:60-80mm,90-130mm

      3.IQF broccoli stalks & head:min.35% diam & length;20-50mm

      4.IQF broccoli all stalks  length:15-30/20-40mm

      Packing: 12X1kg,4x1.5kg,6x1kg,4X2.5kg,1X10kg,20x500g,12x450g/CTN,Tote(Or as per the clients' requirements)

      Season: From Nov. to next Mar.

      Certificates: ISO,HACCP,KOSHER,BRC,certificates etc.

      Successfully exported countries: Korea,Japan,EU,USA,Russia,Middle East, South East Asian,etc

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