American Citizenship: The Dream

America loves her immigrants because they have made her what she is – and America’s immigrants love her in return because she also helps them become whatever they want to be. For this reason, millions of people all over the worlddream of one day getting American citizenship. Many people do not realize this dream can become a reality. Some people are born as American citizens but don’t even realize it and others can gain citizenship after a certain process. Some people who have green cards don’t understand why they should get American citizenship at all.

Becoming an American citizen is a big decision. If you love this country and are loyal to it, you probably want to be a citizen. If you make this decision, you must be happy to defend the American Constitution, which guarantees all American citizens freedoms other parts of the world can only dream of!

American citizenship has many benefits and if you are eligible for it, you should definitely get it! With a green card, you could still be deported if you violate U.S. law. Sure, you may be thinking that you would never break the law! But everybody makes mistakes and whether it is you, your neighbors, or the police who makes the mistake, without American citizenship, you can be deported! It’s a big risk.

Plus, being an American citizen gives you the right to vote, which you do not have if you only have a green card. This is an important way for you to be part of America. You will have the power and the voice to say what you want and to make a change in your community.

To become a U.S. citizen you must go through a process called naturalization. This word means the U.S. government is making it like you were here “naturally,” in other words, that you were born here. Of course, you were not born here, so you must become a “naturalized” citizen. Naturalization gives you all the same rights and responsibilities as someone born here!

To learn more about how to become a U.S. citizen, please keep reading! There are articles here to explain who, how, and when you can naturalize and get citizenship. Good luck and welcome to America!